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12x16" canvas is 18"x22" actual size in a wooden frame

16x20" canvas is 22"x26" when framed

20x24" canvas is 26"x30" actual size in a Victorian wooden frame

product_rolled XS.jpg

Rolled Canvas

product_framed XS.JPG

Framed Canvas

TABLE 5+.jpg


Turnaround time.jpg

 STANDARD  Service & Shipping orders are painted in 12-15 days and are shipped in the next 7 days (*After approval, please allow for 4-6 days for finish, drying and framing (if selected), plus shipping time (either rolled canvas version or framed)

 EXPRESS Service Shipping orders are painted in 10-12 days and are shipped in the next 5 days.

 FIRST IN LINE  Service Shipping orders will be given higher priority to the regular orders, that means that we start working on your order immediately.

Orders are painted in 5-6 days and are shipped in the next 4-5 days.

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