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"This is more than just a portrait, it's a family heirloom"
- says California-based artist Lily Kalinsky.

  An artist and graphic designer since 2004, Lily was born in Europe and grew up surrounded by museums. The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Old Master’s Picture Gallery in Dresden – these collections inspired her to focus on portraiture in the old masters style, and bring it into our fast-paced, modern world. 

“It’s a way to pay tribute to the past - and to become part of it” 

  Now, she paints to create new family heirlooms, traditions, and heritage: portraits that will last from generation to generation.
Lily has painted over 500 portraits that now hang in homes around the world. Living in Southern California, she has been featured on KTLA5 Morning News and painted private portraits for numerous, celebrated personalities, including Sophie Turner, the Jonas Brothers, Priyanka Chopra, Maisie Williams, and many others.


 Bringing the old masters painting style into the modern world, physical portraits are a personalized form of art, completely unique to you and your family. They evoke emotions and memories every time you look upon them hanging from the wall. They remind us of the people who have defined us, inspired us, and loved us. 

"As a digital artist inspired by the old masters painting style, my work fuses the modern with the traditional to produce unique family heirlooms that will last the test of the time.  
Together, you and I can create a portrait that will last from generation to generation" 

Lily Kalinsky


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